Internet Starter Plan

Does your company need to increase customers and sales?

Then take advantage of this great opportunity to promote your products and services to the entire world. Get your company on the Internet today!

AccesoYA.Net now offers an affordable, complete solution for your company to begin promoting its products and services on the Internet. Our Internet Starter Plan provides all of the basic tools your company will need including:

  • Web site design personalized to your company
  • Internet domain name registration -
  • Electronic mail account -
  • Hosting at our data center for your web site reliability & NO advertisement
  • Control Panel software for easy administration of your web site
  • Search engine submission software to promote your web site
  • Visitor statistics software to measure your web site performance
  • File manager software to make changes to your web site
  • Web mail software to read your Email anywhere in the world
  • Auto-Responder to send a "Thank-You" Email automatically
  • Help with your questions via on-line chat, Email or telephone
Your company's personalized web site design includes all your basic needs. You will be able to promote the company, provide information of its products and services, receive information and orders from your customers and thank them for their interest. Your company will be able to do this every day of the year, twenty four hours a day.

With your personalized web site you get to select the design format, the colors and text styles to match your company's image. Your web site design will include:

  • Home page with personalized logo, photo (max. of 3), introductory text of site, etc.
  • Company page with personalized logo, photos (max. of 3), related text of company, mission, etc.
  • Services/Products page with personalized logo, photos (max. of 3), related text of products/services, prices, etc.
  • Contact page with personalized logo and on-line form to receive your customer's information, order, reservation, etc.
  • Thank You page with personalized logo and message for each on-line form that is sent to you.
And what will be your company's investment to promote to the world, to increase customers and sales?

Only $249.95 per year! That is less than $21.00 per month!

This fixed, one year investment includes your web site design, web site hosting at our data center, web site domain name registration, web site Email account and all the other great features to start your company promoting on the Internet.

You will easily receive back your investment with just your first new customer or new sale. Without doubt there is no more cost-effective means to promote your company to the world today than via the Internet.

And, if you order your Internet Starter Plan before July 31, 2001 you will also receive free of charge our Internet Basic Marketing Report to help you get started promoting your company right away.

Take advantage of this great opportunity and order your web site NOW!

Still not sure and have some questions or need more information? Choose what's best for you:

  • Talk to us via our on-line chat, button on this page.
  • Write us with your questions, HERE.
  • Call us at 888-872-6162 (USA) or 506-281-0576 (Costa Rica), Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, CST.
And to ensure your satisfaction we also provide you a 30-day, money back guaranty!

Remember, for less than $18.00 per month your company can promote its products and services on the internet, 365 days per year, 24 hours a day and watch the money roll in.



































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