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PART 1 - Domain Name

A domain name can terminate in .com, .net or .org and can be registered in 1 day and is included FREE in your web hosting plan.

We can offer domains with other extensions but you are responsible for contacting the Registrar in your country to complete the registration process.

You can check the availability of a domain name Check Domain.

Domain Name:

Please indicate how you want to process your domain name:

New Domain. We will automatically register the domain in your name.
Transfer an existing domain from NETWORK SOLUTIONS.
I will manage the Registration/Transfer.

(If you register a domain with a different Registrar than Network Solutions, you will need to contact us to transfer your domain after ordering your web hosting plan.)

PART 2 - Your Hosting Plan

The 'User Name' must start with a letter, but can have numbers. The size of your 'User Name' should not be more than 8 characters.  For example if you have '', you perhaps could use 'test123' as your User Name.

Username:            __......_  

Hosting Plan: ____....____

Contract Length: __.....___

Where did you hear of us?

PART 3 - Owner of Domain

Name First/Last: ____....._

Company:       _____.......   

Address:   ________...._   

City:           _____......____ 

State:             _........_____

Postal Code: ___...____  

Country:               ........       

Telephone:           .......  ... 

Email:               .......    ......

PART 4 - Information of Domain Contact

Please do not change this section if you do not require a change in the Contact information to register the domain.  You also can change this information if you have a NIC handle and want to use it.

Use the above information for the Administrative Contact.
Use the above information for the Billing Contact.
Assign AccesoYA.NET as your Technical Contact.

PART 6 - Form of Payment

Credit Card.
Company Check.
Bank Deposit.

The payment information will be sent via our Secure Server to ensure its security and confidentiality.  If you have selected the Credit Card option you will be billed every three months and will need to include the following information:

Type of Card:    ..     

Card Name: ___.__

Card Number: ____ e.g., 4123-4567-8910-1234

Expiration Date: .__ /

We will be contacting you via your Email account to coordinate payment.  Sending this order indicates your agreement with our Terms of Service.

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