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Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
To use the features of Microsoft FrontPage, the extension 'FrontPage' needs to be installed in your account. You also need to own the Microsoft FrontPage software and have it installed in your local computer.

FREE - Secure Server Access (SSL)
A Secure Server Access is included (excluding Basic and Bronze plans) without any additional charge. Secure Server (SSL) access - permits the acceptance of encrypted information.

Your Own Certificate
We also have secure server certificates for an additional monthly charge. You can also obtain your own secure certificate via VeriSign or Thawte. Thawte has an annufal fee of $125 per certificate.

Proteción de Contraseña
Do you have any web pages that you would like to restrict access? Each web hosting plan includes a 'web-based script' that is easy to use to all you to specify which directories are accessible via a password. Microsoft Frontpage has its own method of passwords.

Customizable 404 File Not Found Page
Included with each web hosting plan is the ability to configure you own error message, which implies that whenever the standard "404 file not found" is displayed you can have a message that redirects the user to your home page.

File Manager
With the 'File Manager' you can create, delete and move files. You also can copy your files from you local PC to the server. Also you can edit your HTML code on-line.

Network Troubleshooter
In your 'Control Panel" you can use the 'Traceroute Manager' that permits you to route a connection from your site to another location on the Internet.

Support 24 Hours a Day
We respond to most technical support questions via Email within 24 hours. You can also take advantage of our technical help guide and Frequently Asked Questions.

Email Forwarding
You can specify without limit the number of Email direction in a simple text file and have them redirected to your account. Some recommendations of redirection for your company include:,,, (You can redirect these accounts to your POP Email account or to another Email account.)

FTP Access
Use this service to copy or download from your web site from our server. You have access to your account 24 hours a day to administer your web site.

POP3 Email
This is the account for Email. It will be accessed directly by third-party program like MS Outlook, Eudora, or Netscape. Each POP3 account has its own password to guaranty privacy. You can review your Email wherever you are in the world if you have an Internet connection.

Auto-Responders - send messages autmatically
When Email is sent to your web site with one of your defined Email accounts, a text file is automatically sent to the source of the message. If you have received a message saying "Thank you for your interest" you have received this type of automatted response. Auto-Responders can be configured via your 'Control Panel'. It is very easy, secure and you can change the message whenever you want.

Referrer Logs
This is a tool to determine where your visitors to your site are coming from. You will know whether they visit your site via a search engine, other link reference, etc. This information can be used to plan your marketing activities.

Server Side Includes
Server Side Includes (SSI), permit the server to interprete special web pages. For example, you may have a 'footer' that you include in all your pages that frequently changes. In each page you can include code to reference this file and simplify and reduce the time maintaining your web site.

Anonymous FTP
This permits visitors to store or copy files from your site without requiring names and passwords. This is different than FTP access.

Disk Space
You can store files related to your site such as HTML, images, multimedia, anonymous FTP files, POP Email messages, cgi scripts, text documents, etc.

Real Audio / Real Video
Create and provide 'on-demand streaming' audio, video y animation (excluding Basic and Bronze plans) to create a true multimedia experience for your site. A 'digital audio stream' is transmitted from the server via the Internet to the visitors local PC for subsequent display.

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