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ACCESOYA, SA has a history of Internet business activity since 1999. Our philosophy has been to offer a range of complementary services directed companies oriented toward leveraging the Internet as part of their integrated business and promotional strategy.

ACCESOYA, SA is represented in a series of Internet sites focusing on different market segments. For the consumer sector, the electronic commerce portal and the commercial sector, a provider of Internet services . ACCESOYA, SA maintains offices in San José, Costa Rica and Miami, Florida.

Las Luisas, No. 13
Quesada Duran, Zapote, Costa Rica
TEL (506) 286-4626
FAX (506) 286-4626

SJO 6272, 1601 NW 97th Ave.
Miami, FL 33172
TEL (888) 337-8418
FAX (506) 286-4626

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