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What is the AccesoYA.NET Affiliate Program?
The AccesoYA.NET Affiliate Program allows you to offer web hosting and design services to your visitors. By linking from your web site to the AccesoYA.NET registration service, your visitors can sign up for web hosting or design and we will pay you for every sale that originated at your site.

How much does it cost?
Absolutely nothing. There is no cost to you to become an AccesoYA.NET Affiliate.

Who qualifies to become an Affiliate?
Any existing web site, with some exceptions, can qualify for the AccesoYA.NET Affiliate Program.

What do I have to do?
Once approved as an Affiliate, login into your affiliate account . Here you will be able to review the status of your account and commissions. You will also be able to access promotional banners and text for you to link to us. You don't need to know HTML or any other programming language. It's as simple as "cut 'n paste" cuenta.

How do I link to the AccesoYA.NET registration service?
You have to login into the AccesoYA.NET Affiliate site, select the type of link you want to use (text or banner) and the code will be generated automatically. Just copy the code and place it on your web site's pages. More specific information is available after you log in.

How do you track the customers I send you?
All transactions are monitored by our affiliate management software. We monitor all referrals from your web site, generate real-time online reports and issue commission checks directly to you. At any time you can review the status of your
affiliate account .

How much will I get paid?
You earn referral fees for each web hosting or web design plan referred from your web site. At this time, the commission is USD $25 for all web hosting or web design packages.

How do I get paid?
Every month AccesoYA.NET will send you a check if the amount of your commissions are USD$50 or more. If not, your commissions will be "rolled-over" to the next month.

Who will be responsible for customer support?
AccesoYA.NET will provide hosting and design services, bill the customer and provide the customer support.

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